Knopf Investigations maintains the latest software providing status updates, 24/7 access to records, and storage of affidavits of service.

As a full-service investigative agency, we use the most advanced database sources and investigative techniques to locate defendants and witnesses. Affidavits of Avoidance and Due Diligence are available when warranted.

Process Service:  Service of Legal Papers: Knopf Investigations provides service of legal papers throughout Florida and the United States. Service through The Hague is available for International service. Knopf Investigations has perfected service in County, State, and Federal Cases.

Due Diligence: Upon request, Knopf Investigations can prepare an Affidavit of Due Diligence for defendants concealing their whereabouts. Our Due Diligence reports have been upheld by the courts in multiple jurisdictions throughout Florida.

Foreclosure Sales: Knopf Investigations has represented plaintiffs in thousands of foreclosure sales in Florida. We can also represent buyers who are unable to attend sales.